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Animations Rising has a new blog - please update your bookmarks:

There will be no further posts here. But I'll leave the existing blog just in case someone is curious about past posts, as I didn't import them all.

See you there!

-- Miro

New L'Uomo Gear

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Another round of new release for the L'Uomo human male mesh avatar! Some really unique designs, yet again. And a tool for builders!

Without further ado, here they are! (And as always, click on a pic to get the SLURL for the in-world store).


Cox Leather

Hachka Taluna


Omega Man

If you're a L'Uomo clothing designer (or are looking to become one) the process of organizing your bodysuits, applying textures, and renaming bodysuits can be cumbersome. The L'Uomo Clothing System lets you:
• Rez bodysuits via a menu system
• Apply textures via drag and drop
• Automatically name bodysuits

Many other merchants also sell L'Uomo gear. Check out the merchant directory just inside the L'Uomo store entance.

New Releases for the New Year

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After a short silence for the holidays, we're back with new L'Uomo releases to make you look hot!

Some of the new releases since last time are below. Click the image for an SLURL to the store.


Hacka Taluna Store




Remember, there are many other stores offering L'Uomo clothing and skins; be sure to visit the L'Uomo main store and check out the samples upstairs. There is also a merchant directory just inside the entrance of the store.

Info for L'Uomo Customers

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I hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year! :-)

A few items of information here...

Gap at the Neck

Some customers find that they have a "gap" at the neck, a transparent "ring", when using their own shapes with a L'Uomo avatar. I know quite a few such customers use special alpha layers to deal with the issue, but there is a better way - since the alpha solution just hides the problem without really fixing it. Please see this page for details.

"Headless" Mesh Avatars

I am aware that there are mesh avatars available, which show me as creator, but have no head, hands or feet. These are in fact bodysuits with a skin applied to them.

I would urge potential buyers to be wary of such "avatars". Firstly, the bodysuits were not designed to be used that way, and in fact, you will end up with visible seams or even noticeable gaps, at the neck, wrists and ankles. Furthermore, the bodysuits are specifically not licensed to be sold as avatars.

If someone is willing to disregard the license for use of the bodysuits, there's a good chance that they are also willing to ignore IP rights and are selling these "headless avatars" with copybotted skins. Their skins may be legitimate of course, but who knows. Don't take chances.

L'Uomo Semi-Official Hangout

There exists a semi-official hangout for guys who want to meet other guys into muscle. This is L'Uomo Beach at Muscle Bear Square - click the name for the SLURL.

L'Uomo News

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Once again, new releases for L'Uomo male mesh avatars. Below are some new items from several designers (in alphabetical order): new clothes, and new skins. Click on an image for the SLURL to their main store.

Colt 485



Hachka Taluna



Other stores selling L'Uomo clothing and accessories include:
Get Buzzed
Inside-Out Tees
Muscle Boy
Omega Man
Retro Bear
SJ's Lil Shop
Stud Farm
The BaDawg

Many of these have vendors at the L'Uomo main store, upstairs, which makes for convenient one-stop shopping. But the best is to visit their main locations for the full range.

As a reminder, there is a free black jockstrap at the L'Uomo main store, for members of the L'Uomo group. Just activate the group tag and click the box; it is under the group joiner.

If you are not a group member, you can join at the store, or, copy this URI into local chat, then open chat history, and click the link displayed:

Joe - New Prodigal Skin for L'Uomo

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Announcing a new skin for L'Uomo human male mesh avatars: Joe, from Prodigal.

The quality of Prodigal skins needs no further comment - they are well known to be among the best, and I am thrilled that Ry0ta Exonar agreed to work with me on the L'Uomo project right from the start.

Joe does not disappoint - yet another magnificent series of skins. Here are a few pics showing the news skin on a selection of L'Uomo mesh avatars.

Joe Skin for L'Uomo Mesh Avatar

Joe Skin for L'Uomo Mesh Avatar

Joe Skin for L'Uomo Mesh Avatar

Joe Skin for L'Uomo Mesh Avatar

Joe Skin for L'Uomo Mesh Avatar

Joe Skin for L'Uomo Mesh Avatar

Joe Skin for L'Uomo Mesh Avatar

Joe Skin for L'Uomo Mesh Avatar

"Joe" is available in-world at L'Uomo - also home to the L'Uomo mesh avatars. and don't forget to check upstairs for samples of items from third party merchants.

Clothing shown is from LeCock and Norbo's. Hair from Exile.

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